Bruce & Jackie 40th Anniversary: Oct 2017

On Oct 1, we celebrated the 40th wedding anniversary of Melissa’s parents, Bruce & Jackie Miller by hosting a small party at our house in Keene. The party was organized by Melissa and Megan with Shawn & I just along for the ride.

Bruce & Jackie 40th Anniversary: Oct 1, 2017
Bruce & Jackie

Interesting Story: On the Tuesday or Wednesday before the big event, Jackie fell off the coffee table at her house in the morning and suffered a concussion that landed her in the hospital in the afternoon. After being seen at the hospital, she came and stayed at our place for a week, while she recovered from the concussion. We were a little a worried that we would have to postpone or cancel the anniversary party, but after a couple of days most of the symptoms subsided and we were able to have the party.

The party was advertised at Jackie’s church the week before by their Minister as a drop in throughout the afternoon at our house. There was a good turnout of friends and family for both of them. Part way through the party they had a cake cutting ceremony where they used the knife from mine and Melissa’s wedding and their cake topper was added to the cake. It was a lovely afternoon, where we also collected some food for the food bank because in place of gifts, Bruce & Jackie asked for donations to the food bank.



Bruce & Jackie 40th Anniversary: Oct 1, 2017
Bruce & Jackie with their children Shawn and Melissa