Victoria Day in Bethany: 2017

For Victoria Day, we travelled to Peter & Julie’s place in Bethany and spent the weekend. Before we left to come home, I found out that I had been placed at Prince of Wales school in Peterborough for September and that we would be moving over the summer. When we we had a family dinner on Saturday evening in Bethany we shred the good news with everyone.

On Saturday during the day, we attended the Bethany Athletic Association’s fundraiser weekend event at the Bethany Park. All of the funds that are raised help to support the maintaining of the park all year round for the entire community to enjoy. The kids played in bouncy castles, played in the park and enjoyed some food at the concession. In the evening, we came down for the “dance.”


Melissa’s Birthday Dinner

On Saturday evening, we all celebrated Melissa’s birthday (age unknown) at Peter & Julie’s place. In attendance was Shawn, Megan, Violet & Oscar, Mom & Dad, Peter, Julie, Macklan & Eva and maybe Craig & Jane Allison. For the occasion, I picked up cupcakes for Melissa with a Unicorn farting rainbows on them because Melissa had requested them as her only gift because the kids have a running joke that here real name is “Princess Rainbow Sparkle Farts!!!”



On Sunday, we were rained out of the car show in the morning. In the afternoon we went to Lakefield and visited with Sandra & Ted and popped in to see Jackie and Bruce. In the evening, we returned to Peter & Julie’s.

Victoria Day Weekend 2017
Sandra supervising Aiden as he completed tech support on Ted’s computer.


On Monday, we watched the Bethany parade and had breakfast at the park and then headed back to Mississauga to start our search for a new home in the Peterborough area!