12th Anniversary: Oct 2016

Legends of Horror

The title of this post is kind of a misnomer since my 12 years with Melissa has been anything but a Legend of Horror!! In fact, my 12 years with Melissa has been transformative in every way. This may not sound like a romantic way to describe our marriage, but I am sticking with it. With the support of Melissa, I have transformed into the person that I am today. I am not the same person I was when I met her 18+ years ago and that is all because of her. Through support, understanding and encouragement, she has pushed me to become a better version of myself. My love for her is immeasurable.

Love Always and Forever, Peter

Peter & Melissa Selfie
Peter & Melissa Selfie

Now  let me explain what we actually did for our 12th wedding anniversary. Melissa & I went out to eat at The Hogtown Vegan and then attended Casa Loma’s Legends of Horror Event. At the event, they turned Casa Loma into a haunted castle full of scary creatures created through animatronics, but they also had actors & actresses dressed in full costume who would jump out at you, run by you or act certain tableaus as we walked through the grounds of Casa Loma. One that was particularly scary was the Greenhouse that had been turned into a Hall of Mirrors. Behind the mirrors were what looked like dead people mannequins, but then without notice they would smash into the mirror you were walking towards and scare the crap out of you.  We also got towel through all of the tunnels that are underneath the castle, which was creepy when you made a corner and a zombie would walk towards you in the narrow passages.

It was an incredible night and we had an absolute blast.

View of Casa Loma
View of Casa Loma



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