Philip & Stephanie’s Wedding_Aug 6, 2016

This year, Philip & Stephanie got married on Friday Aug 6, 2016 in front of family and friends at his grandparents (Uncle Al & Auntie Joyce’s).

We arrived in North Bay on Thursday evening before the wedding and stayed at Aaron & Chantale’s Thursday and Friday to help out as needed for the wedding. On Friday, we spent some time in Marten River helping to set up to for the wedding. On Friday evening, we helped to redecorate part of Aaron & Chantale’s house by hanging up some new pictures in of Melissa and I in their house.

On Saturday morning of the wedding, we went to Marten River to help set up for the wedding. The Gagne’s and Cain’s helped to setup the dining area and the wedding area looking over the Marten River. It was quite hot all morning and just before the wedding some clouds and rain rolled in but then went away before the wedding ceremony. During the wedding, there was a lovely breeze that came across the bay.

After the wedding ceremony, we all took photos with Philip & Stephanie and then had a reception. For the reception, Shauna & I were the MCs. During our ceremony, we shared some stories including Philip & Stephanie’s proposal as well as provided them with a marriage and honeymoon survival kit. After the reception, we had a dance until early into Sunday morning. On Sunday morning we all got up and cleaned up from the wedding.


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