Marten River Vacation_Aug 5-12

We went to Marten River this year to celebrate the marriage of Philip & Stephanie.  After the wedding Melissa, the kids & I spent the week in Marten River with Shauna who was also on vacation. We spent the week visiting and hanging out together and below are the pics. Some of the highlights include Aiden catching a huge pike using gum as bait, tubing on the lake with Aaron and just sitting by the river with family and of course the dogs.

Laundry Mishap 🙂

So, on Wednesday of our week, we collected all of the garbage in the morning for Uncle Al to take to the dump in the afternoon. We left all of the garbage right beside his car, but we left a couple bags near the washing machine. Also in front of the washing machine was a small garbage bag with our dirty laundry in it. Unbeknownst to us, Uncle Al picked up our laundry bag on the way out the door and took it to the dump. When we went to do some laundry on Thursday we realized that Uncle Al had already done our laundry the day before!!! Thankfully it was just some of our old t-shirts and couple pair of PJs for the kids.

Speaking of the Dogs…

This was the first summer that Lindy and Marley had been to Auntie Joy’s & they had a blast. In addition to chasing with each other all week, they also caught a fish, attempted to catch a baby rabbit (we rescued the rabbit) and Marley attempted to eat a toad. The incident with the toad resulted in Marley getting loopy. Her eyes completely dilated and she was drooling for over an hour & vomited 6-7 times. Despite this reaction she attempted to eat a toad 2 days later. Fortunately this time we stopped her & brought her in until the toad got away.

Marley after attempting to eat a toad
Marley after attempting to eat a toad

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