April Fools Day ( Snow Day Trick)

In April Fools Day this year, after the kids went to bed, we had the idea to dress up the kids. So, we took one of Abby’s old dresses and put them on Aiden while he was sleeping and we took my work shirt tie and pants and put it on Abby over her PJs.  Abby woke up in the middle of the night and came to ask us to take off the shirt and Aiden woke up in the morning and came to ask us to help him take off the dress. They had no idea why they were dressed like that. I did not include the pictures, but you will just have to trust us that it was hilarious.


After the kids got up in the morning we brought them down in the morning and gave them some “Brown E’s.” They again fell for this after we had dressed them up. They got a good laugh out of this and threw the Brown E’s back at us.

Brown "E's" for the kids.
Brown “E’s” for the kids.


Kids opening the Brown "E's"
Kids opening the Brown “E’s”


Abby throwing the Brown "E's"
Abby throwing the Brown “E’s”

Snow Day Trick

A week before April Fools Day, we had a Snow Day because of freezing rain. When I woke up in the morning, I shut my alarm off and went back to sleep, but we did not tell the kids. So when Melissa and I got up, we decided to pretend like we had slept in. So I got dressed in my work clothes and we came barrelling out of our room and what followed next was 3 min of our pandemonium, with kids getting dressed, lunches being packed rushing around the house so that they did not miss the bus. It wasn’t until they were ready to go that we told them as you will see in the video.



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