Welcome Lindy!!!

The week after Thanksgiving, I received a call from Melissa at work. She asked if I had time to talk and at that moment I did not unless it was an emergency. She told me that it was not, but instead it was good news and she would tell me when I got home.

When I got home, Melissa sat me down and said remember how we have been talking about how good it would be if Marley had company to which I responded, “Yeah kind of..” Then she continued to tell me that on that day at the Dog Park, just as she was about to leave there was a dog named “Lindy” that arrived who absolutely hit it off with Marley. They did not even wait to smell each other out before they started playing and running around. Melissa ended up staying for an extra 45 min while they played. As she talked to the owner she found out that the dog was a Rescue Dog from Texas that was currently staying at the Foster Home.

Marley & Lindy (Fall 2015)
Marley meeting Lindy for the first time at the park

So, one thing lead to another and we had Lindy over to meet the kids, which went really well and then a a few days later we welcomed her into our lives and now I can’t even remember what it was like to not have her here.

Here are some pics of Marley and Lindy becoming sisters:

Marley & Lindy (Fall 2015)
Lindy and Marley playing ball in the backyard
Marley & Lindy (Fall 2015)
Marley and Lindy getting rest after a hard day of playing.
Marley & Lindy (Fall 2015)
Lindy and Marley sleeping on the coach
Marley & Lindy (Fall 2015)
First Family photo with Lindy and Marley

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