Halloween 2015

For Halloween this year Shawn and Megan came to our house for Halloween. They helped the kids carve the pumpkins and then went trick-or-treating with them. Before they went out, the kids went through all of the costumes and mixed and matched costumes for Mom and Uncle Shawn, while Megan dressed as a “Blessing in Disguise”

As you can see Aiden dressed as Batman and Abby dressed as “Madeline Hatter” from Ever After High.

I stayed home and handed out candy to the kids from the neighbourhood. There were about 15 kids that came to the house and most of them were kids that we knew. We do not get a lot of trick or treaters because we live on a court so not many kids come down our street.

Halloween 2015
Shawn, Melissa, Megan, Abby, Aiden and Lindy taking a group photo.

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