Melissa’s 29th + 6 Birthday

On Melissa’s birthday, she went to the salon and got a brand new hair style. As  you can see, she cut off a lot of her hair.


In the evening, I surprised Melissa and took her to the Opus restaurant near the ROM. The restaurant was amazing with a huge selection of wine and a variety of fine french cuisine. I personally ate a Elk rare with a lovely glass of red wine. At the end of the meal the owner brought us a glass of port in honour of Melissa’s birthday. After the meal we were so full so we went for a walk around the neighbourhood before we went to the ROM. The ROM had “Friday Night at the ROM,” which had a variety of bands and DJs performing based on a specific theme. When we were there the Theme was “Rock the Caravan” and had performances from the Middle East, etc. It was really cool to walk around the ROM at night and check out some of the areas that the kids are not always interested in yet. We spent a lot of time checking out English design during the last 500 years. It was remarkable to see all the rooms that they used to have and what the purpose of each one was and how that changed over time to suit the ever-changing needs of the society.

Melissa and Peter Selfie at ROM Friday Nights
Melissa and Peter Selfie at ROM Friday Nights

Happy Birthday Melissa!!!




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