Thanksgiving 2014

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Peterborough for the weekend. On Saturday we went to Abby and Aiden’s hockey games and then headed to Peterborough. When we got to Peterborough, we went to Lakefield for a family dinner at Jack’s.

On Sunday, we hung out and Mom and Dad’s and did some work around the house to get it ready for winter such as: cleaning the chimney, cutting the grass and the gutters. In the afternoon, we went to Peter & Julie’s for a Thanksgiving dinner.

When we arrived at the dinner, Abby and Aiden went to work selling chocolates for their school fundraiser, hitting up everybody at the party. Abby and Aiden worked together to make get sales from everyone.

After they finished selling chocolate they played outside with Macklan, while he carried around the schoolhouse toy that we brought from our house for him.

During Dinner, Peter sat at the kids table and caught up on the gossip :).

After dinner, I recorded this cute video of Macklan playing with the kids and Uncle Peter.

On Monday, we hung out with Mom & Dad, and then headed home in the afternoon.



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