Molly: Dec 5, 2013

This past December we said goodbye to our cat Molly, aged 15-17yrs. The reason for the discrepancy in the age was because when we got her from the shelter in 1999, the vet estimated that she was be between 1 and 3 yrs old. Melissa had got Molly when she moved into her first apartment in Peterborough because she had to leave behind her dogs. She lived with Melissa in all of her houses, except  for one because of a roommate allergy. During that year she lived at Mom and Dad’s. She outlived Oliver who we got in 2003 to keep her company during the day and when we travelled home to Peterborough on the weekends. Abby took the loss particularly hard having many nights during the winter where she was teary and missing Molly. She moved past that now and instead reminds us of funny things that Molly used to do. Aiden on the other hand was sad and teary for about 1 minute and then asked “So can we get a dog now?”

Molly we all love you and you will be forever remembered.



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