Aiden’s Christmas Concert: Dec 18, 2013

The Day Before the Concert

The day before the concert he found out that Mama and Papa could not make it because of bad weather. We found out the night before and when we told him, he became inconsolable because Mama and Papa have not missed a single concert of his or Abby’s yet and he didn’t care that it was bad weather. When nothing worked to calm him down, I created a letter that Mama sent him in the mail with a treat to say sorry for not coming to the concert. I then went outside and pretended to get the letter from the mailbox and he opened it up and inside were 2 Ring Pops, which is something that Mama and Papa get for Aiden and Abby. I then had Mama call him to tell him that she had sent him the letter as soon as she realized that she couldn’t make it as a way to say sorry. This saved the day and he calmed down and was really excited about the concert the next day. Thank-you Ring Pops 🙂

Concert Day

For this year’s Kindergarten Christmas concert, Aiden’s class was performing in the morning, so I took the morning off from work. So for about half of the concert Aiden played with his silver tie, flipping it behind him, tucking it in and out of his shirt and holding it up in the air and checking out the back of the tie (there was something really interesting about the back of that tie). The concert was quite cute with only one song going off the rails. I would love to show you a video but because there were a lot of other kids there, I am not going to post it right now.

Aiden after his Christmas Concert
Aiden after his Christmas Concert



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