Visit to Peterborough August 21st

In late August we went to Peterborough for a couple reasons. Firstly, we went to visit Macklan again. This time he came out to see us at Mom & dad’s house. As you can see from the pictures, we had a great visit. This kids particularly like hanging out with their new cousin.

Mama with Aiden & Macklan
Mama with Macklan & Abby
Papa with Macklan
Peter with Macklan & Abby
Melissa with Macklan

While we were there the kids had a chance to open their birthday gifts from Mama and Papa and Uncle Peter & Aunt Julie. Aiden got a pirate puppet, while Abby got a cowgirl puppet. They also got a whole goody bag of gifts from Uncle Peter & Aunt Julie. There were even a couple noisemakers in the bag that we got to listen to for many days following. This is something we will not forget for Macklan’s first birthday 🙂

Aiden opening pirate puppet
Aiden opening bday presents from Aunt Julie
Abby opening cowgirl Puppet
Dinner @ East Side Mario’s with the Miller’s & The Cain’s

The other reason we came to Peterborough was to go to with Mom & Dad Miller to a medical appointment. After the appointment we had the opportunity to go to East Side Marios for dinner. It was a great dinner, and the kids absolutely loved the restaurant. The nice part was that the waitress there was able to take a whole family picture.


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