Peter’s birthday

So, anyways, my birthday came again this year and as always my kids and wife gave me a great day. My birthday this year fell on a Sunday so I didn’t have to go to work so that was awesome. The day started with me hearing the kids doing something quiet downstairs. Then Abby came quietly into my room and poked me on the cheek and asked me where the glue was, which of course rang a few alarm bells in my head. So I asked her why she wanted the glue and she told me that her and Aiden were making me a birthday gift. This was followed with me asking “what do you need the glue for” and Abby promptly responding that it was a secret. So I got her some white glue and told her that she was the only one that could use the glue. She told me that I could trust her and she told she would come and get me when she was done. Just the video and you will see the finished craft. It was probably one of the best gifts I ever got. And all this happened before Melissa even got home from work!!



When Melissa got home, the kids gave me their gift in bed because I went back to bed after I had gotten my first gift. It was an e-reader, but it still wasn’t as nice as the ones the kids made for me.

The kids giving their dad his birthday present.
The kids giving their dad his birthday present.

Thanks everyone for a great birthday.


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