The Community Fun Fair

On Sept 29th we had the chance to go to the community fun fair hosted by our local councillor. It was at the local library. We got there right when it started which gave the kids a chance to go the inflatable obstacle course about a half dozen times.

We also had the chance to watch a magician & juggler perform. Aiden also had a chance to meet the male police officer which he didn’t at the rotary club fair. That and getting to sit in the police car just made his day.

Abby & Aiden hanging out together
Aiden & Abby in the police car talking to the police officer

The end of the day finished with Aiden & Abby chasing seagulls around the high schools football field that was right next door to the event. While I only captured a couple minutes of video, they spent the better part of a half an hour chasing the seagulls all over the yard.


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