Abby’s birthday party

Abby’s birthday cake

Abby had her 6th birthday party on Aug 20th at our fitness club. Her friends from Kindergarten as well as friends from our old neighbourhood came to the party. At the party Abby & her friends had pizza in the party room and then they had access to the gym for the last hour of the party. In the gym the kids had a bouncy castle that they could jump in which was definitely the highlight of the party. it was loads of fun and Abby had a great time.

Abby playing in her puppet theatre
The bouncy castle at Abby’s party

On her actual birthday on Sunday the 19th we went out and did some fun activities as a family. First we went to the bulk barn and chose some candy that both Abby & Aiden wanted. Later, we went for ice cream at the mall. Abby and Aiden ate every last drop of their ice cream cones.

Abby eating ice cream at mall on bday

One thought on “Abby’s birthday party

  1. Very happy scene! Caandians have it so good! Gramdmother collects stuff for those who do not in Guatemala. Canadians so lucky ! So rich! so good hearted!

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