Abby’s Tea Party

Abby made a tea party today for Aiden & her friends Willie & Ava, even though they were not here today. Below is a picture of the tea party table settings. Now, Abby making a tea party is not unusual so why am I posting it you might ask? The reason that I am posting this today is that if you look at the table setting you will see two balls sitting on top of glasses. When you hit these balls on the ground they light up and flicker. The reason Abby put them here is that they are the candles for the tea party. I thought that that was a particularly creative way to make candles at your tea party and that is why I decided to post it today.



One thought on “Abby’s Tea Party

  1. Grandma and Grandpa Miller send thier regrets! Very lovely tea party indeed! Next time you visit we could have a tea party here, and even share some of Grandpa’s buscuits!

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