Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

We had a great thanksgiving weekend in Peterborough this year. It started with Melissa meeting me at work with the kids so that I could leave from work and hopefully avoid traffic. The reason I wanted to get a head start was that last year when I came home on Thanksgiving Weekend, a 2 hr drive turned into a 5 hr nightmare because of traffic, food and potty stops. So while the kids were waiting for me to come out from work they played in the park next to my school. The plan worked and we were in Peterborough by 5pm on Friday.

Kids on the slide at the park near my school


On Saturday, Rob & I helped Dasd with some fall chores. So we started by cleaning the eaves troughs and the chimneys, which is not as much fun as Mary Poppins makes you think it is. We then brought 2 cords of wood up to the house for Dad with a little help from Abby & Aiden of course. We were fortunate enough to finish all the jobs just before the rain came in the afternoon.

Everyone helping with wood

While we were doing the wood, the kids were playing with all the maple leaves in Mom & Dad’s yard. The two of them had a blast rolling in the leaves and throwing the leaves at each other. I really love watching kids play in the leaves.

Abby burying Aiden in the leaves

While we were outside doing the wood, the kids were inside with Mama decorating cupcakes. Their decorations were heavy on the candy, but were quite delicious.

Abby with her decorated cupcake
Aiden decorating cupcakes


On Sunday, the kids & I went to church with Mom & Dad and listened to a very interesting sermon on the sanctity of marriage and the role of the marriage council in the church.

In the afternoon I went to Julie’s to help steup for thanksgiving dinner while Mom & Dad watched the kids. We didn’t have to do much to setup at Julie’s, she did a lot of the work before we got there. But we did get to spend some valuable time with my nephew Macklan. Mom & Dad came out to Julie’s at about 5, which was 15 min later than they said they would be there (inside joke).

Peter hanging with his nephew Macklan
Uncle Rob with Macklan

For dinner we a had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with Turkey, dressing and all the fixings. After dinner, we did a little extra celebration for Betty’s birthday, she just turned 85. Later on in the evening the kids watched a movie and wrestled a little with Uncle Peter. It was a really enjoyable evening, the kids behaviour and manners were exceptional.

Uncle Peter with the kids
Wishing Betty a Happy 85th


On Monday morning, we got up and went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. This was the first time that we had seen Grandpa since we drove him part way home from the hospital a couple weeks earlier. Bruce looked 10 years younger and the kids were really happy to see him after his surgery. While there, they played dress-up, as well as played with other toys from Grandma’s magical box of toys.

Aiden playing with Grandma
The kids with Grandma & Grandpa

After we got home from Grandpa & Grandma’s, the kids played with Uncle Rob in the backyard before we left to come home. I dropped Uncle Rob off at the mall on my way home.

Uncle Rob getting the kids withe the leaves
Kids playing with Uncle Rob

All in all it was a great Thanksgiving.


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