Family Day at the park

Today Abby, Aiden & I went to Family Day hosted by the Rotary Club. It was a great day, sunny but not too hot. At the park the kids got to go in a fire truck, which went a lot better than the last time I tried to put them in a fire truck. Last year I tried to put Aiden in a fire truck & he freaked out and refused to go in. This time he couldn’t wait to get into the truck. They also got to go in a police car & an ambulance. They also got to listen to some free music & go for a jump in some bouncy castles. While they were listening to the music, they kept referring to the singers as rockstars and really enjoyed listening to the kids band that was performing. Lastly, they also got to try on some wigs & then pigged out on some ice cream & popsicles. It was an awesome day.






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