Visit from Cathy & Jenny

We had a lovely visit from Aunt Cathy and our cousin Jenny from July 11-16th. Jenny caught the midnight bus in from New Liskeard and Cathy flew in from Shannon. It was a great visit:


Melissa & Abby went into Toronto to meet Cathy & Jenny when they arrived. After they met them they caught the TTC and met Stephen for lunch in Little Italy. After that they caught the Go and came home. After we picked them up and had a quick supper, Cathy & Jenny went shopping at Erin Mills Town Centre while Melissa & myself went to our apt. at the gym. Then we spent the rest of the night visiting on the deck.


Melissa, Cathy & Jenny went shopping for the day in Toronto. At night, they went to the Sultan’s Tent for a lovely Moroccan meal complete wit belly dancers. That night, we again spent the evening on the deck, enjoying the lovely weather.


The girls went to the spa for the morning and then we spent the afternoon at our health club sitting by the pool and enjoying the sun. We then came home and had a lovely steak dinner out on the deck. The mosquitoes enjoyed the smell of steak as well, which caught us by surprise because there are not usually so many mosquitoes in the city. It was still a really good meal.


I travelled to the Ptbo on Saturday to meet my new nephew and the girls and Aiden went surprise surprise shopping. They went to Marshals and picked up some new purses and then at night we all met at the theatre and went to see Ice Age 4. It was not a vary good movie and I slept through part of it, but the kids really enjoyed it, and that was the reason we were there.

Sunday & Monday

On Sunday, Shawn & Megan drove up with Jackie to visit all day. We had a lovely BBQ lunch and enjoyed the afternoon on the deck.  While here, Shawn took some great family pictures. That night I took Jenny to get on the midnight bus home. We took Cathy to the downtown airport on Monday morning. It was a great visit and we look forward to having them com again.

Cathy & Jackie enjoying a mid-afternoon drink
The Girls

Thought it would be nice to see a pic of the four of us
Back L-R: Peter, Melissa, Jackie, Cathy, Jenny, Megan, Shawn
Front L-R: Abby & Aiden