Our “Grown Up” Kids

The last 2 weekends in a row, the kids have been acting very grown up in certain situations. Last weekend, the kids completely shredded my newspaper with their scissors and then were having a paper fight in the kitchen, which was fun. However, they had more fun cleaning up after as you can see by the pictures. The both of them took turns sweeping and using the dust pan; it was one of those moments that you wish you could just freeze in time. Writing about though is the next best thing.

Abby showing off her dustpan
Abby dumping garbage into bag
Aiden sweeping up
Aiden sweeping up

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was 16 and sunny all day so we took complete advantage of it. We headed into the backyard first thing this morning and started digging up some of the plants and bushes that we were not going to keep. Then, we went to our neighbours to borrow a spade and a pick axe to take out some roots in the back yard. Now, as I was finishing taking out the second root, I noticed Abby was not in the backyard, so I went around front to look for her and didn’t see her. So then I checked inside and she had gone inside to according to her “get some lunch ready.” I chuckled to myself and assumed that she was just getting a cheese stick or yogurt. So, since I knew where she was I returned to the backyard to finish with the second stump. After I finished the stump, I decided to go in and get lunch ready for Aiden. At this point, about 10 min. had passed since Abby had gone in. Well, when I walked into the kitchen, Abby had prepared lunch for her and her brother. She had taken out strawberries, blackberries, and yogurt. She had washed the berries in the sink and had used a spoon to cut the tops off of the strawberries. I was so proud of what she had done for her little brother and made sure she knew how proud I was. This simple act of independence made my entire weekend and it was only Saturday at noon. It was awesome to see her being so independent.

Lunch Abby made for Aiden & herself

One thought on “Our “Grown Up” Kids

  1. Abbey = a priceless sweetheart! Aiden seen weeping hard! Good guy! Grandpa says, “Congratulations!” . Grandpa is still waiting to hear that Aiden pee-d in the pot! Grandma waits for a Piano Recital by Abbey!
    Love you all very much!

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