The world according to Aiden

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Aiden has been having some fun with the digital camera lately and the pictures didn’t turn out too bad. Looking at them gave me a glance into how Aiden views the world at his young age.  I thought it was interesting just see the different angles that he took the pictures at because an adult would never think to take pictures at such angles when trying to portray the point of view of a 3yr old. Or maybe I’m just over thinking it. Either way here are the photos.


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One thought on “The world according to Aiden

    Bruce Miller said:
    April 23, 2012 at 7:24 am

    Do again on a warmer day outside in the yard! Great stuff! Miss Abbey’s Piano Recitals. Ask her do do another one soon, Please. Grandma and Grandpa enjoy them very much!

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