Abby’s Piano Concert

To end Abby’s year in piano this year, her teacher had a small recital with the other student she teaches on Monday’s. Melissa, Aiden & I all attended to hear her play her pieces. We then sat and listened to the other Monday student play her pieces. It was really nice of her teacher to arrange this. Abby did quite well considering we had just … Continue reading Abby’s Piano Concert

Abby& Aiden playing “Brother John.”

Here is this weeks concert of Abby playing Brother John. She played it in both piano and on the Guitar setting on the piano. After seeing his sister perform Brother John, Aiden wanted to get in on the act as well. You’ll notice that his fingering is a little off, but he’s got the right idea to play the note and sing the song at … Continue reading Abby& Aiden playing “Brother John.”