Halloween 2017

Well as you know, Halloween is Melissa’s favourite time of year, and this year she had an even bigger canvas to decorate for the holiday. She turned our front entrance into a skeleton hangout with a few cobwebs 🙂  Our side yard became a cemetery with a few limbs hanging around that still needed to be buried. Unfortunately, a few days before Halloween, we had a big storm that resulted in most of our cemetery being blown away. The front entrance stayed in good condition for Halloween.

On the Saturday before Halloween, we went to the Lang Pioneer Village Historic All Hallows Eve event. Melissa and the kids had driven down last Halloween for the event, but I had missed out because I had work. We were joined by Shawn and Megan for the event. At the event, we get to see how Halloween was celebrated 150 years ago!!!


As always, the kids and us carved pumpkins as a family and put them out front of the house. For Halloween, Abby dressed up as “Dead Little Red Riding Hood” and Aiden dressed up at the Grim Reeper. Melissa and I revived “Dead Bride” and Waldo.

On Halloween night, Grandma, Mama and Papa came down Trick or treating. Mama & Papa stayed at the house and Grandma came out with us to trick or treat. It was busy for Mama and Papa, having over 140 people come to the house. At our old house, we would be lucky to get 20 people.


The kids had fun walking with Grandma and as always got lots of candy, but not as many as usual because of the distance they had to walk between the houses. In our old neighbourhood in Mississauga they could cover 3-4 times as many houses because of how close they were!!!