The Day My wife locked herself out of the house!!!

So, I am at work in Jan or Feb 2017 have a very busy day when at 1:15, I am paged overhead to call the office. When I call the office, they tell me that my wife is on the phone. Now, Melissa only calls me through the main office when she really needs to get me because she knows that the office will track me down. Needless to say, when they said it was her, I was a little worried. So, I answer the phone and Melissa says she is Okay right away, however she says on the phone that she has locked herself out of the house wearing only her pyjamas!!

Now, my first thought is how did she do that considering our front door does not lock automatically. She then proceeds to tell me that she went out onto the deck and the patio door locking handle dropped about a min after she was outside, and the front door had been locked form the inside because Melissa was home by herself sleeping after a night shift. Hang on though we are not done. I ask her, why she was outside considering the weather? “Were the dogs digging up the wet and muddy yard?” She then says that she went out to take a sad snowman picture. It was at this point that I began to laugh for about 1 minute on the phone.

After I stopped laughing, I told her that I would be home as soon as I go see my boss and explain to them why I have to leave work early (FYI: That was another conversation that involved a lot of laughing).

Needless, I got home in about 20min & let Melissa back into the house. Below are the pictures that she went outside to take on this crummy day 🙂