Stingray Experience (Jan 2017)

This year for Christmas, Melissa & I got the kids tickets for the Stingray Experience at Ripleys Aquarium.

This is where we got a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium followed by a 20 min swim in the tank with the Stingrays. I really do not know how best to describe how amazing this experience was for our family. When in the water, the Stingrays swam all around us for the entire 20 minutes!!! Aiden probably got splashed 7 or 8 times right in the face by passing Stingrays including in the video below. We even go to feed the Stingrays!!!

After participating in the Stingray Experience we stuck around at the aquarium until almost closing time.


By the time we got home, the kids had passed out from a very long and exciting day!!

Stingray Experience 2017
The kids sleeping after their day at Ripleys