Eva’s Christening (Dec 2015)

Early in December, Peter and Julie scheduled Eva’s christening. This was special because they asked Melissa and I to be the Godparents. This was the first time I had ever been asked and it was Melissa’s second time being a Godmother. It was also bittersweet as well since Dad couldn’t be there because he was still in the hospital recovering from illness.

We travelled to Shawn & Megan’s on Friday afternoon and went to visit Dad at the hospital. On Friday evening, Shawn, Megan, Melissa, the kids and myself went out for dinner with Auntie Linda and Uncle Keith.

On Saturday morning, I went to visit Dad at the hospital for a couple of hours before making my way back to Shawn and Megan’s to get ready for the Christening.

The Christening

The Christening took place at St. Thomas Moore church in Millbrook, which is a small, but beautiful church in the heart of Millbrook. For the Christening, Eva wore the same dress that Abby wore at her Christening 9 years earlier. It was also the same dress that Melissa had worn for her Christening, as well as her first cousin Holly had worn for their Christening over 3 decades earlier. During the Christening, Eva let out a huge burp, which resulted in all four of us at the front laughing and a lovely picture was snapped by Rob to capture the moment.

Party after Christening

After the Christening, we all went to Craig and Jane’s who put a lovely dinner for everyone. We also took time to celebrate Mom’s birthday with a cake and lovely rendition of Happy Birthday as well. We also had a small celebration for Mom’s birthday the next morning at the hospital with Dad.

Eva Christening (2015)
The Happy Cain’s” in front of fireplace at Craig & Jane’s
Eva Christening (2015)
Grandma with Eva (wearing party dress that Abby wore on her baptism)
Eva Christening (2015)
Cake for baptism and birthday

We returned home early on Sunday so that I could get back in time for photo day for Aiden’s hockey team.


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