Dinner with Steven, Oren, Shawn & Shauna

On the weekends of December 11th, Shauna, Steven and Oren, and Shawn came for a visit and a dinner. Shawn was there because Megan was staying at her sister’s house after helping throw her a baby shower.

Before dinner, Steven, Oren & Shawn came and joined us at Port Credit to watch Aiden play a hockey game. We won the game by 1 goal after a back and forth game. Shauna met us at the house at supper time.

After dinner Steven & Oren headed home and the rest of us spent the evening playing CAH.

Shauna & Shawn spent the night and headed home in the morning


Visit with Steven, Oren, Shauna & Shawn (Dec 2015)
Back L-R: Oren, Aiden, Steven Front L-R: Peter, Melissa, Lindy, Shauna, Abby and Shawn