New Year’s 2014

For New Year’s this year, the kids and I went to Steven and Karen’s for their annual party. It was a crowded party this year and the kids had a blast. It was harder for Abby and Aiden to squeeze into the chair in Steven and Karen’s kitchen, but they managed for a couple quick pics. As always the kids spent most of the party upstairs watching movies picked out by Oren.

At the end of the party, Aiden literally fell asleep on the couch standing up and then we put him and Abby into the pull out couch.

Melissa unfortunately had to spend New Year’s with her work family.

Melissa celebrating New Year's Eve at work.
Melissa celebrating New Year’s Eve at work.

New Year’s Day 2015

On New Year’s morning we got up and left to come home at around noon when I had the idea of checking to see if the ROM was open. It just seemed to make sense instead of coming home and then trying to keep two kids quiet while Melissa slept for her shift. Fortunately it was open so we went and spent the afternoon there. While there the kids got to watch an Earth Rangers show as well as play dress up. They also got to touch a snake as a part of a special exhibit in the ROM that day. We then came home in the evening and had a restful sleep.


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