Trip to Peterborough: June 2014

I went home this weekend because we the kids had a PA Day on Monday that made it into 3 day weekend for everyone. I also came home so that Mom and Dad could watch the kids so that I could get my final report cards done for the year.

So for much of Saturday and Sunday I stayed locked up in my room working on the report cards. However there were a few breaks. On Sunday after church we went out for breakfast and after breakfast we went to visit Aunt Jean.

Later on in the evening, the kids and I also went to see Uncle Joe so that he could show us the Turkey’s that he had purchased and give us a gift to give to Melissa for her birthday.

And on Monday, I had time to cut the lawn at Mom and Dad’s house. This was interesting because it was the first time I had ever cut their lawn with a riding lawn mower. This cut the time it takes to cut the lawn in half.

After I finished cutting the lawn, I grabbed some supper and then went home.










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