I’m ready to get back to work

It took that kids less than 48 hours to make me look forward to getting back to work. Let’s take a look at my first weekend of summer holidays.


1. Started potty training Aiden today. He seemed excited, but did poop his pants a mere 5 minutes after getting his underwear on. The rest of the day went Okay with a few more accidents.

2. Tried to relax on the deck, but noticed a small infestation of ants that kept crawling onto my feet as I was trying to read.

3. Put the kids to bed last night and waited about 15 min & then went outside to water the back garden, yard and the front garden & yard. When I was almost done the front yard, both of the kids appeared in the front bathroom window with what appeared to be lipstick on their face. So, while I was a little annoyed, I thought it was cute so I snapped a couple of pics. Abby told me that it was the mark that was put on Simba by the monkey in Lion King

Showing off their nail polish designs

When I got upstairs, I smelled nail polish. I asked Abby is she had been using the nail polish on her nails. She said yes, so I took her makeup kit away for doing it without permission. I then proceeded to wipe Aiden’s face with a wipe. It was at this point that I realized that it wasn’t lipstick and was in fact nail polish. Needless to say I was not impressed when I found this out. I put them back to bed with their newly painted faces since I didn’t know where Melissa keeps the nail polish remover.

Proudly showing their nail polish designs


1. Kids got up early, as always, and were watching TV downstairs. When Melissa came home from work everything seemed normal. By the time she came down after her shower, they had some cookie and fudge and were eating it on the couch for breakfast. There were crumbs absolutely everywhere.

2. Put Aiden in his underwear again today and he pooped himself 10 mins. later.

3. Removed the nail polish from both of their faces

4. Went to Home Depot to buy ant traps for the deck and while at looking at traps, Aiden very quickly grabbed a bottle of Raid and thinking it was sunblock sprayed my leg with it.

5. We then went to the till where both of them were touch all of the candy. After several warnings I was forced to hold each of their hands while they screamed and cried. It was great when using the debit machine. I then left the store with 2 crying children.

6. Came home, remember now it is only 11:00am, and the kids went in the backyard. I went to the washroom. While I was in the washroom, I heard the water start running from the backyard hose. By the time I got back there they had turned on the sprinkler and were stripped and running through it as fast as they could. After I dried them of they had some lunch and went bed.

7. I fell asleep on the couch and was asleep for 10 min. before Melissa came down and made a comment about not having cleaned up the crumbs from the cookies on the couch in the morning.

8. After they woke up there was a small period of grace where they behaved quite well. They played in the backyard & I read them a couple of Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales (G-rated ones)

9. After supper, Aiden was extremely upset at the mention of going to bed and I had to carry him upstairs kicking and screaming. The screaming did not get any better when we started cleaning up the toy room, Aiden wanted to leave it messy.

Needless to say, I am ready to go back to work


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