Abby & Aiden watched Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Abby & Aiden sat down to watch Bed Knobs & Broomsticks a couple days ago for the “second” time. We tried to show it to Abby a year ago and she was not interested in the movie at all. This time around she just loved it, especially the soccer game scene and the final scene when the uniforms were marching on their own. Aiden is only interested in a couple parts; anytime the bed is flying and the slapstick parts in the soccer game.

This movie was one of mine & Melissa’s favourite movies growing up, so we really enjoyed sharing that experience with them. It was quite nostalgic seeing the movie again as an adult, especially on a larger screen. It is still as magical as it was when we were kids.


One thought on “Abby & Aiden watched Bedknobs & Broomsticks

  1. Glad they are having a “cultural experience” at such a young age. miriacles of modern technologies – arn’t they great! Grampa only ever saw black and white TV show and not before his thirteenth birthday! We used to go to the noranda Teathre on Saturday afternoons to see classics like Lassie and Davie Crockett. Shows were prefaced by looney Tunes cartoons, Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny and the like.
    Times change. kids don’t!

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