Dinner with Uncle Keith & Auntie Linda (Dec 2016)

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On December 3rd this year, the kids, Melissa and I along with Shawn, Megan and Violet had our second annual Christmas dinner with Uncle Keith and Auntie Linda. This year though we added something new. When we scheduled the dinner at the Old Stone, we did not realize that it was also at the same time as Peterborough’s Santa Claus Parade. So, what we did was we went to the restaurant a little early and Melissa, the kids and I watched the parade from the street while Shawn, Megan and Violet, Uncle Keith and Auntie Linda watched from inside the restaurant.

After the dinner, we went back to Shawn and Megan’s for some coffee and dessert before Uncle Keith and Auntie Linda headed home.

Dinner with Uncle Keith & Auntie Linda (Santa Claus Parade) Dec 2016
Auntie Linda, Melissa, Uncle Keith with Abby & Aiden



Woman’s Day 2014

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In Mid-October, Melissa travelled to Kinmount to attend Aunt Linda’s annual Woman’s Day where she got to fire a gun for the first time in her life. She absolutely loved it and did a great job hitting her targets using the rifle and Luger.


Before she went to Kinmount, she stopped at Peterborough to visit with Megan and her Dad.